Miao Xi Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Today’s product review will seem a little out of place. This is not something I usually buy, but at the recommendation of others, I’m actually on my second box.  

This product is the Miao Xi Nail Polish Remover Wipes. Coming in a sanitary-looking paper packaging, this looks like a plaster of sorts, but don’t be tricked by its boring shell. Two pieces are attached together, I’m guessing so you can find them easily?

It is meant for gelish, however as I’m not much a fan of gelish, I use this for the removal of my normal nail polish (plus point at the bottom!).


(Please ignore my peeling nail polish)

For gelish purposes, one piece is used for each finger. The process is simple: tear open one piece, dip your finger into the packaging, remove a sticky tape protective layer on the packaging outer, and use the stickiness on the paper (revealed after peeling off the protective layer) to paste the excess together after wrapping around your finger. Such that it forms a tiny pillow pocket for you finger to soak in the remover.


For me, I rarely use gelish as I feel it’s quite damaging on my nails. As such, I can use one piece for all ten fingers! 

The wipe is basically soaked in nail polish remover. I don’t soak my finger because normal nail polish is so much easier to remove. With this being a gelish nail polish remover, it works doubly effective and efficient in removing my regular nail polish.


I basically use 3 seconds to remove polish on each nail, with just one single piece. Beware though, that this product, being a remover, dries fast once opened. You might have to use two pieces for both hands if the nail polish has been on for long and you need to put in more time and effort to remove it.

Otherwise, to me, this is nearly perfect (other than the smell). It is a paper thin sheet that makes carrying around in my makeup purse so easy. I throw in around 10 pieces and it lasts me forever.

Because it’s thin and the edges are sharp, it helps tremendously for some mistakes at the corner of my nails!

It is cheap, cost me around S$15 for 200 pieces (100 pieces of 2 attached together). And it is unbelievably quick. 

However, please note that the smell on this is pretty strong, to me worse than my regular bottle removers. The process of removing my nail polish is really quick with this, so I don’t really bother about the smell too much.

It might also be depleted much quicker, or be much harder to remove, if you use gel nail polish.

This product is made in China. It can be purchased online, including TaoBao.

Thank you for reading!


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