Review – Tartelette Palette by Tarte

For some odd reason, Tarte was always a brand I admired, yet never bought anything from. Yes, I know you guys are probably cringing at the fact that I didn’t purchase any of their Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes, despite my blush hoarding syndrome. Somehow, I always spent my limited money elsewhere for blushes.

I was tempted by the new Tartelette eyeshadow palette as it was all matte shades that I knew would work great as transition shades or crease shades for those no-makeup days. But…I resisted the temptation since I already have the Naked palettes and the Bobbi Brown Sand Eye Palette which I also appreciate for its subtleness. 

I later realised how shaky my resistance was when I found myself using a 10% discount at Sephora to purchase this palette, around 2 weeks later.

The Tartelette palette is retailing for $69 at Sephora Singapore stores. The packaging, is simply stunning. It looks classy and luxurious!

Housing 12 different shades, all of which are matte, Tartelette is a great everyday palette for my simple morning routine. And, the mirror is huge and great for touchups through the day, even though I find the Bobbi Brown Sand Eye Palette in my bag instead most of the time.

I simply apply a layer of Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and the eyeshadow on top, and I’m pretty much done. On simple work days, I use a combination of the shades Wanderer and Force of Nature, and I’m out the door!

The names of the eyeshadows are great, to me at least! It feels  inspirational and I love that it shows the roles that women play these days in their lives, as well as shows us how our communities are always made up of impressive personalities living right among us!

Now to some swatches! 

Left to Right: Free Spirit, Force of Nature, Dreamer, Multi-tasker

Left to Right: Caregiver, Natural Beauty, Best Friend, Bombshell

Right to Left (Sorry for the change in direction!): Super Mom, Wanderer, Power Player, Fashionista

The colours are silky smooth and not too powdery. The darker colours can get just slightly chalky on my skin sometimes but I get the most use of the middle tone colours, so it doesn’t bother me that much.

In general, I’m really liking this palette for a subtle makeup look, and for rushed mornings before work! It has worked best for me along with my Nars primer, rather than without. 

Rating: A-

Have a great day, everyone!


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