Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Aqua Creams – Shade 15

Hi hi!

Today I’ll be reviewing the MUFE Aqua cream in Shade 15, I only have this one of the whole collection. Let me first say that this product is waterproof and is long-lasting, which is what I need for my oily lids (but I always use a primer no matter what).

I LOVE this product. The sheen that it gives is gorgeous and its very versatile as I can wear it alone or use as a base. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I also have 2 MAC paintpots, Painterly and Constructivist but Constructivist is the closest shade comparison. MAC Paintpots I feel do not blend as well as MUFE’s Aqua Creams (even when just swatching). The Aqua Creams feel more lightweight and smooth in its texture and so is easier for blending, which also saves a lot of time when applying eye makeup.

The shade that I have is Shade 15, there is no name for it on the container. Shade 15 is a light brown shade that has shimmers but its not too overly light/dark for my skintone (NC 35) that I can wear it alone without additional eyeshadow.

This product is definitely buildable, the above photo is only 1 light swatch so its very pigmented and didn’t feel gritty despite the shimmers, which some cream eyeshadows can feel. Also, the shimmer do not disappear as you blend (my MAC constructivist loses its sheen after blending sometimes!), so it retains the appearance when you first applied it. Layering it will give you a darker brown,  and doesn’t look cakey or obvious that you layered.

However, I have to say that the plastic container the aqua cream is housed in does not feel as sturdy as the glass container of the MAC Paintpots even though it is more expensive. Also, MUFE has been altering their prices. These aqua creams used to be S$42 and are now S$39, more expensive than MAC Paintpots at S$33.

Overall, I am in love with these!!! But I wish there were more neutral, skintoned shades available in the collection as I’m not one to use brighter colours like green or red. I’m definitely impressed and would recommend these as both a base or to use by itself, not to mention that its waterproof and I had to rub it even with soap for it to slowly be removed. But makeup remover (mine is oil based) will definitely make removing an easier job.

Rating: 5/5

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