Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

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Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of reviews over the past week! Today I’m going to review one of the new products I recently got, and it is the Wonder Pore Freshner from Etude House!

Before this, I was using Nivea’s Sparkling White Whitening Toner, and I purchased this to be on standby when the Nivea one was depleting! I did have a few different toners in mind, but I decided on purchasing this because of it’s beautiful/cute packaging and of course, because it has my favourite pump dispenser attached to the container! :D

The back of the bottle! All in Korean again! But it says ‘I’m your wonder woman for your pores’!

This toner/freshner promotes it’s 7-in-1 feature, making it a total pore solution!

Wonder Pore Freshner in its plastic box packaging! This product is really worth the money as it’s 500ml and comes in a pretty large bottle (: I got this for $22.50 and it’s super worth it for the amount of product you get.

The back of the plastic box has instructions and elaborated details that are mainly in Korean, however, there’s a small portion at the bottom that is in english! :D Hope that helps! And there’re two pictures that show you how to use the product. There are two ways, which are 1. (picture on the left) Using a cotton pad and dispense the product from the provided bottle (the usual toner application way), or 2. (picture on the right) transferring the product into a spray bottle and spraying the product on your face whenever you feel your skin is getting oily.

My favourite type of product dispenser!

Just use a cotton pad to press down on the pump and out comes the product!

(yes, red nails for Christmas! <3)

The product on the cotton pad, 1-2 pumps would be enough for the whole face, which means that this product will go a realllyyyyy long way!

Opening the cap! When you’re done with the product inside, you can use the bottle for any other products!

I really like this toner as it’s moisturizing and really cleans my face pretty well, removing all remnants of makeup. This product does contain denatured alcohol, so if any of you dislike alcohol in your skincare products, you might want to stay away from this as well. However, I did not feel a drying feeling or cooling effect that you usually get when using toners with alcohol at all. As compared to my Nivea Toner, which also has denatured alcohol in it, this is much gentler, but at the same time does its job pretty well. It is more moisturizing than drying definitely.

Rating: 5/5 Stars! I like this product very much, because of its container/dispenser, price, packaging and effect (: If you are running out of your current toner, I highly recommend this Wonder Pore Freshner!

Thanks for reading! <3


19 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

    1. Hi dear,

      After using it for around a week or two, I feel that it does minimize my pores. But I didn’t feel a miracle effect the first time I used it, so I think you have to use it for awhile before you might see any effects.

      Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Angie,

      Yes, I feel that it does help minimize my pores but it’s a gradual effect! I definitely didn’t notice it immediately the first time I used it. It is pretty moisturizing and I find that I have slightly lesser blackheads popping out after using this product (:

      Hope this helps!

  1. is it ok to apply this first before putting on BB cream?

    btw, i received a small bottle of wonder pore as a freebie XD and it’s details is in korean, the only thing in english is “i’m your wonder woman for your pore” XD

    this is really helpful, thanks.

    1. No problem dear, hope it helped you!

      I use this product before BB Cream (: It acts like a toner for me where I use a cotton pad that has the product on and wipe it all over my face, leaving the wet cotton pad on my cheeks or nose when I’m done, so I can make the best out of what I have! In the mornings, I use this as part of my skincare routine, before BB Cream or any of my makeup. At night, I use it after cleansing my face and before moisturizer.

      Hope this helps! ;D

    1. Hi dear, thanks for reading :) May I know where you’re from? I got mine from gmarket Singapore. not sure if you could get it from local (Singapore) etude house but Im pretty sure it’s cheaper online!

      hope this helps you!

      1. Hi dear, can you kindly suggest to me what is the website avb for online purchase?
        Thanks. Appreciate for the review. :)

    1. Hi dear, thanks for reading! It does stay slightly sticky on my skin for awhile, but absorbs after awhile. Just a little sticky (nothing to crazy), but does take a while for it to completely absorb and the stickiness to go away.

      Hope this helps (:

  2. Hello dear,
    I found that you are very helpful not only on the reviews but also by taking time answering questions….a very nice and good blogger :D

    would you also do reviews on other wonder pore products?
    I am most curious to find out about their wonder pore primer as I have visible pores
    but it’s okay if you don’t feel like it

    1. Hi dear, sorry for the late reply! Busy with school these few days :( Regarding the Wonder Pore products, as of now I’ve only tried Wonder Pore Freshner. I’ll take a look at the other products from the Wonder Pore line soon on Gmarket as I’m pretty tied up right now. Thanks for your comment and thank you so much for reading dear, it means so much to us (:

  3. I just recently bought this product, I was wondering that should I use this product as a daily cleanser or should I use this after I cleanse my face with bubble foam products?

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