Review: Innisfree Olive Real Power Cream

Hi everyone!

Today would be a review on Innisfree’s Olive Real Power Cream, a moisturizing cream that’s made with organic extra virgin olive oil from Crete  Island as it’s main ingredient!

I got this product for S$32.90 from (:

The product comes in a yellowish-green plastic jar. The front of the jar. It states ‘Enriched with the best quality of organic extra virgin olive oil from Crete island, Olive Real deeply nourishes skin and retains moisture for healthy radiant skin’. 50ml of moisturizing goodness <3

The back of the container. All in Korean, which I don’t understand!

Innisfree logo – Beautiful flowery pattern on the cap

When you screw open the dark brown/olive cap, there is a plastic layer covering the product in the jar! I realize that most of the Korean jar cosmetics that I own have protective plastic layers/films that I think is a really nice idea!

The product in the jar! The product is an opaque cream. As you can see, the cream is pretty thick, maybe that’s why it’s named ‘real power cream’. I have no idea though, please don’t quote me on that, haha! This cream smells really good, it has a nice soft scent that I really like! :D Personally, I do not have sensitive skin and I generally prefer nicely scented products than products which have no fragrance at all!

Yes, I apply this cream with my fingers, and it’s really unhygienic! Would love this product much much more if it weren’t in this type of jar packaging! I usually just swirl my finger around the product to get this amount. You wouldn’t need a whole lot of this product as it’s really rich and spreads like butter.

TIP: Don’t put excessive amounts of product, as I realized that applying too much of this cream resulted in my face being extra oily! So just take a modicum amount of the product and apply a really thin layer (:

This picture makes the cream look slightly dry, but I think it looks this way because it’s really thick.

The cream applied on the right side of my hand. The left side of my hand has no product. You can see the right side looks more moisturized and slightly shiny.

Closeup of my hand with the cream on!

Closeup of my other hand, with no product at all. Hope the comparison helps!

This cream is really moisturizing. I use it as a night moisturizing cream and when I wake up in the morning, I feel that I look more radiant and healthy! I personally think Korean cosmetics are generally affordable and work really well for my skin. As compared to other moisturizers, this product is pretty expensive at $32.90 for 50ml of product, but it lasts a long time for me since I use a really small amount of product each time, and I rotate my moisturizers each day. I bought this product in September and received it later in the month or in early October (I can’t remember when exactly, sorry) and have used it once every other day. It’s November now, and I think I’ve only used up 5% of the cream! :D I like the effect it gives me in the morning when I apply this cream at night, but I wouldn’t use it in the mornings as it is too rich and takes awhile to settle in. In the mornings, I use gel moisturizers that get absorbed quicker!

Rating: 4/5 Stars (I would prefer it to be in a tube/bottle container)

Hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know if any of you would like to request for reviews on specific products. If I can get them from here or already have them, I’ld try to review it! <3!


One thought on “Review: Innisfree Olive Real Power Cream

  1. Hi Girl,

    Thanks for the review! I’ll be heading to korea early dec 2012 and will definitely look out for the product! Btw, i’ll also be helping people bring back korean facial products at about 20% cheaper than what they have in SG! if you need anything, do let me know.

    You can check out and give it a LIKE to receive updates on the products i’ll be bringing back :D


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